Our Mission


Masonic Village at Burlington
        In 1898, each New Jersey Mason made a per capita contribution to establish the Masonic Home of New Jersey. Every successive generation improved and expanded the Home to meet their needs. Today, the Masonic Village at Burlington provides a full continuum of care and services for senior residents with a broad spectrum of needs. These services range from independent (retirement) living, to comprehensive personal care, to long-term skilled care, and include short-term rehabilitation, respite, memory and hospice care.

Scholarship and Youth Programs
        The Masonic Home also cared for children from its founding until 1944. Although young people no longer reside on campus, the Masonic Charity Foundation remains committed to helping them, and sponsors scholarships and teacher training programs.

Our Mission Statement

The Masonic Charity Foundation of New Jersey delivers personalized services and compassionate care, inspired by the spirit, ideals and values of Freemasonry, to promote the highest quality of life for Freemasons, families and others in the community.

Your Support Makes A Difference

Masonic Village at Burlington
        More individuals need long-term care and related services, and fewer are able to pay for their care. In addition, the costs of care have been increasing faster than inflation.
        Long-term care providers constantly struggle to find ways to offset increasing operating costs and decreasing reimbursement for the services they provide, while continuing to offer the highest quality care to seniors who need it. Nationally, nursing occupancy is declining as more consumers choose to receive in-home care.
        On an on-going basis, Masonic Village evaluates options and repositions its services for purposeful strategic growth. Renewing the community ensures long-term financial success by offering the services that accommodate market demand and help us support our core mission. Recent expansions and renovations have been completed to accommodate additional memory support services and retirement living options.

Scholarships and Youth Programs
        To help worthy students fulfill their educational goals, the Masonic Charity Foundation sponsors a variety of scholarship programs. Students may pursue degrees across all academic disciplines.
        The Foundation also sponsors the Masonic Model Student Assistance program - a free, intensive three-day program held twice each year for New Jersey educators. Attendees learn how to identify and help students at risk.